PSHE Primary Resources

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  • Key Stage: 2

PSHE Resources for Primary Schools

Open up the opportunities to your students with our wide range of positive PSHE resources for primary schools. Improving the intellect of your pupils is important, but so is their moral and social development!

Providing PSHE teaching ideas

For some teachers, it can be a real challenge to find relevant topics to cover in your PSHE lesson. But by introducing our PSHE displays in school, you can increase your pupils' awareness surrounding the subject. With our PSHE primary resources, you will be able to help improve students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Topics for this subject include polite words, a recipe for friendships, people who help us and more.

PSHE resources are available to download in printable A4 format and can be purchased separately or as part of a membership.

Don't ignore PSHE

Ofsted will be grading your school's PSHE attitude from outstanding to inadequate. Our resources will help to show that you as a school are there to help with the personal, social and health education of your pupils. 

You can download our PSHE resources at any time of the day through a Melloo membership!