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Key Stage: EYFS 1 2

Primary PE Resources for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 students!

Primary physical education is known to be very physical, but why not take off some of the physcial edge with our useful and fun primary PE resources?

PE doesn't have to just be an excuse to get the children active, it can be a well-thought out process where you can teach your class new physical and metnal stimulating activities.

Outdoor and Indoor PE games

With our PE primary resources you can provide a lesson of any style for physical education. Planning your lesson to meet the current PE curriculum is made easy with our up to date PE primary resoruces. We're very confident in them and guarantee that they will give you the inspiration you're looking for with your lessons.

Make sport fun and engaging for primary school kids

There is more to sport than what some people believe. Sport is not always physical, it requires a certain mental capacity in which people gain through experience. There are many sports that you can teach at primary level, whether it's football, rugby, basketball, rounders, gymnastics or yoga, each sport requires a great mind.

Our PE resource collection is growing, but you can find a nice variety of resources below. We have some amazing yoga primary resources along with visual resoruces around movement and dancing!

Make theory in PE as entertaining as the physical side

You can add engaging images and visual displays to physical education lessons with our printable resources. Perfect for all ages and abilities, these great resources add energy to any PE lesson - whether in the classroom, hall or outdoors.

Download Primary PE Resources at any time

Our PE resources are available right now to download. No matter what time you're reading this, you can get your hands on our PE primary resources.

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