KS2 English Worksheets

Make Learning English Fun with our KS2 English Worksheets!

For all teachers, any help is always welcome – this is why we’ve created a range of beneficial, informative and colourful KS2 English Worksheets.

English for some students can be very difficult and some pupils may not even want to learn about literature, language and reading. For us here at Melloo, this is saddening to think, so we’ve devised a range of exclusive English learning materials which primary school students will adore.

Printable KS2 English Resources

We have a fantastic collection of primary English teaching resources covering the main topics in English Language and Literature.

Among our English KS2 learning resources, you will be able to find resources for phonics & handwriting, writing & grammar, narrative, non-fiction, poetry & plays, punctuation and reading.

Lively English resources to create a great learning environment

What makes our resources stand out most is their distinct style and characteristics. They’re cheerfully bright and brilliantly present key pieces of information in a way to help your pupils learn. Even better, our English primary resources can be used to decorate the class to act as a learning prompt or as the key resource to use in the class.

Although we offer English primary resources for Key Stage 2, we also have English resources for Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

How does free unlimited downloads sound?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it isn’t, we’re telling the truth. If you would like to download all of our English resources for free, then you can.

Normally you can buy or download our resources as and when you need them, but through our £29.95 per year Melloo membership, you can download all the resources as and when you need them.

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