EYFS Teaching Resources

EYFS printable resources to get your class pumped for learning!

We’re confident that we have a primary teaching resource to fit with you and your class. From our free downloadable resources to our affordable English, Maths and Science resources, we offer it all.

Early learning has never been as fun as it is with our Early Years Foundation Stage resources!

Our collection of vibrant EYFS resources

At Melloo Primary Teaching Resources, we take pride in our wide range of Early Years resources and worksheets. Available in a variety of printable formats, our EYFS teaching resources are both eye-catching and versatile. They will fit around your lesson plans, as well as provide you with ideas for your lessons.

Our resources work for all subjects across the curriculum, including Maths, English, Science, Computing, Religious Education, Art and more.

We provide teachers across the UK with the EYFS resources they need to keep their lessons engaging, enjoyable and valuable to each and every student.

An influx of new resources regularly

Something that teachers can embrace about our work at Melloo is that we’re always creating and providing new, unique resources. Whether they’re targeting a topic we don’t have a resource for, or it’s a resource specifically for a special time during the year, we like to offer fresh resources throughout the year.

Become a Melloo member for unlimited resources

You can view some of our EYFS teaching resources below to see the range we have to offer. Better yet, with a Melloo membership, you can download unlimited resources for just £29.95 a year, so why not become a member today!

As well as our EYFS resources, we also have a range of brilliant primary resources for KS1 & KS2!