We've Got a World War Primary Learning Pack for KS2 Students!

by Melloo Admin
World War KS2 Teaching Resources and Learning Pack

If you're looking for World War primary teaching resources, then our KS2 World War Learning Pack is exactly what you need.

What you will find in our primary WW1 & WW2 learning pack 

World War 1 and 2 are taught to pupils who have graduated from History KS1 to KS2. Our primary World War teaching resources are used in schools across the UK. Why? Because they're an effective way to make learning about war memorable. Both World Wars offer key moments in British history, and it's only right to offer the best education to our students.

The study of war can be quite scary for children, so ensuring your lesson is as enjoyable as possible is important. It's key that you make the lessons engaging and extremely visual - this is where our collection World War primary teaching resources help!

Some of the resources in our World War learning pack

You will have a great collection of resources covering both World Wars. For WW1, you will have a choice of word mats, glossary pictures, bunting, word banks, facts and timelines, whilst our WW2 resources include pictures, bunting, photos, facts, glossaries and word labels.

If you'd like to see what our KS2 World War Learning Pack has to offer, go and check it out!

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