Winter Olympic Primary Resources Now Available!

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Winter Olympics Primary Teaching Resources

Topical lessons are an effective way to get your class engaged. With the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games just around the corner, it’s a wonderful opportunity to welcome fresh learning materials to your lessons.

Fun, engaging and vibrant 2018 Winter Olympic Resources

We have a diverse collection of Winter Olympic teaching resources, all of which can be used in a variety of classes.

Maybe you’re hunting for exciting learning resources for your next history or English lesson? Perhaps you’re searching for visual aids and decorations for the class to embrace the Winter Olympics?

Either way, our Winter Olympic resources will gift you with many creative lesson ideas.

Exciting EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Winter Olympic Teaching Resources

In our range of Winter Olympic teaching resources, we’ve got a wide range of resources available to download. These range from tasks and activities to classroom decorations.

Here are just a few of our Winter Olympic teaching resources:

PyeongChang 2018 Bunting

Get your kids in the zone for the 2018 Winter Olympic games with our PyeongChang bunting. Colour-coordinated in the colour of the Olympic rings, this bunting will set the theme for the world-renowned sporting occasion.

PyeongChang is a tough word to spell, but this bunting does exactly that. Use it to your advantage and challenge the kids to a spelling contest!

Design the Winter Olympics Worksheets

Get imaginative with our exclusive Winter Olympic art and design worksheets. Each worksheet has an outlined drawing of a recognisable object from the Winter Olympics. It’s up to your students to colour the object in!

Read and Draw Worksheets

This resource is a great opportunity to get the whole class reading and drawing. It’s a brilliant resource to inspire creativity and improve the reading ability of your pupils.

Comprised of 3 printable A4 worksheets, each worksheet contains four boxes that are labelled with a well-known object from the Winter Olympics. It’s up to your students to draw the object.

These are just three of the resources, there are many more available!

Would you like all of the Winter Olympic teaching resources?

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