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If you’re planning to embrace Halloween themes in your lessons for the run up to Halloween, then it’s easy to direct your lessons with our Halloween Facts pack. Not only can you teach the kids about interesting Halloween facts, but you can use them to branch out into further activities – exciting and different activities!

The Halloween Facts Pack.

Our Halloween Facts learning resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 pupils offer an array of Halloween themed material for you to take advantage of. You can of course teach your class all about the many interesting facts surrounding Halloween, but there is more you can do with them.

From full moon facts to trick-or-treating traditions, you can teach your class about the history of Halloween and encourage unique in-class tasks associated with each fact.

Pumpkin fact, pumpkin activity!

As an example, within our Halloween Facts pack we have a fact about pumpkins. This means you can enlighten the class about the fact and then follow it up with a pumpkin activity – which could be anything from a pumpkin decorating competition to some Halloween mathematics; estimation and measuring being the typical pumpkin exercises.

With a variety of other Halloween characteristics, our facts pack presents you a variety of opportunities to explore for your class activity. With bats, owls, apples and colours to name just a few other fact sheets, you can let your imagination run wild to create an enjoyable activity for the class.

Halloween ‘blank’ fact test.

Why not use our facts in a competitive nature? Read out the facts but do not say what the fact is in reference to.

If it’s about owls, then read out the fact to the class without the mention of owls, like so – “’blank’ is a popular Halloween image. In Medieval Europe, ‘blanks’ were thought to be witches.” Then, let the class guess what they believe the ‘blank’ to be. Once they guess it, read out the fact in full.

It’s a simple task, but it’s great for grabbing the attention of the class and encouraging everybody to get involved to learn about Halloween tradition and history.

If you have any other Halloween lesson structures that work a treat, why not share them with us by getting in touch through any of our social media profiles?

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