There’s a new addition to our Primary English Learning Resources - Letter Formation Worksheets for Early Years and Key Stage 1!

by Melloo Admin

Letter Formations Worksheets Early Years & Key Stage 1 - Melloo

When the time arrives to teach the class about phonics and handwriting in your EYFS or KS1 English lessons, our brand new Letter Formation Worksheets would be perfect in assisting you.

How to use them.

As with all of our primary learning packs, our latest Letter Formation Worksheets are downloadable and printable. This means you are free to display them in your classroom or utilise them as part of the lesson.

Want to give the class a hands-on task? Our latest resources are fantastic as a task in class or homework.

What’s included?

From the capital ‘A’ to a lowercase ‘z’, we cover every letter in the alphabet. We even offer the variations to write specific letters from the alphabet. An example is the letter ‘F’. We have ‘F’ capitalised in the pack, but we also offer two variations of the lower case ‘f’, both with the hook (Ƒ) and without (f).

Don’t just let the kids practise speaking each letter of the alphabet, let them learn to write them too!

Download our Letter Formation (EYFS & KS1) worksheets today!

These worksheets are available to download from our website for just £1! Once you download them, you will be provided with a set of 28 letter worksheets.

If you subscribe to Melloo, then you can download our latest English, handwriting and phonics teaching resources for free!

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