Take a look at our new Number and Place Value Year 1 Worksheets!

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Number and Place Value Worksheets Year 1

We’re always exploring ways in which we can invent new learning resources for primary school teachers, and our latest focus is on mathematics for Key Stage 1 pupils.

Our latest maths worksheets include fourteen vibrant, colourful, and informative exercises focussed on number and place value. They're perfect for teaching your kids all about numbers and place value, and gives them an entertaining outlook on them.

Bright, colourful and entertaining.

The neat presentation, design, and themes of each activity comprising the worksheet pack is brilliantly luring. Because they are so radiant, they’re an instant hit with the kids. There’s nothing better than providing a lesson or piece of homework that the children will enjoy completing.

How you could make use of our Number and Place Value Worksheets.

As with all of our primary school teaching resources, we encourage you to use our materials in any way you wish. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning our Number and Place Value Year 1 Worksheets are successful with both in-class and homework tasks.

With fourteen entirely different exercises and designs, you can chop and choose between the fourteen worksheets. You could choose a few sheets to work through during a lesson, and follow the lesson with a few of the worksheets being as part of their homework, or you could work through all the sheets across multiple lessons.

What are the type of worksheets included?

The activities included in this KS1 maths pack vary in terms of the theme and the conundrum of each worksheet. From our 'Counting in 1s, 2s and 5s' worksheets to the 'Missing Numbers' exercises, your class can learn the variations of numbers and place value.

There is a lot of material for you to use with our latest maths pack, so do take advantage of these worksheets to create the perfect lesson or homework assignment.

Download our Number and Place Value Worksheets now!

A set of fourteen Number and Place Value Worksheets are just £1 to purchase and download. However, if you’re a Melloo subscriber, then these are available for you to download completely FREE!

Find out more about our Number and Place Value Worksheets. 

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