How to make use of Melloo’s Teaching Resources

by Melloo Admin

Melloo resource in class

As a teacher, one of your biggest objectives with any lesson is to make it engaging, entertaining and exciting for your pupils. How can you achieve this? By embracing a creative approach that will get your pupils’ attention.

Here at Melloo, we’re fellow teachers and we know how difficult it can be to, firstly, seize the attention of the class, and secondly, hold on to that concentration. This is part of the reason we formed Melloo; to improve the quality of your lessons through our imaginative, adaptive and creative learning resources.

The latest curriculum made fun!

Our multi-functional resources are focussed around the national curriculum. By browsing through our array of resources, you will see that they’re ideal for Early Years, Key Stage 1 & 2 lessons.

Not only are they ideal in terms of their focus, but they’re vibrant, energetic and intriguing too. Our resources are very appealing to the eye of a child, and we would even say they’re appealing to adults too!

How you can use our learning materials

Our team creates the learning materials, you provide the experience for the children. You can use our teaching resources in any way you wish. We do not provide a guideline as to how you should use the resources. The key benefit of our learning resources is that they’re adaptable.

Let’s take a look at how teachers across the UK are using our resources.

Visual aids

Every Melloo resource is used as a visual aid. No matter what way they feature in your lesson or classroom, they’re there to be noticed and to support your class. Our learning resources are very informative, but the other benefit is that they look good.

Imagine our colourful resources as a learning aid in the classroom, they will instantly brighten up any classroom or lesson and have no issue in grabbing the focus of your class.

But in what way can you use them as a visual aid?

Print and display in class

Our resources are downloadable on a PDF, but they’re also available to print. There’s no copyright information preventing you from printing our online learning materials, which means you can print and display them around the classroom.

We have a wide range of categories available to choose from, including Maths, English, Science, Art, Computing, History, Geography and Foreign Languages to name just a few. These resources could play a big part of the lesson, but they can also be there on display throughout the year to help pupils in their time of need - the resources are great for that!

These resources could play a big part in your lesson, but they can also be there on display throughout the year to help pupils in their time of need - the resources are great for that!

Melloo Resources in the classroom

Slideshows on interactive whiteboards

As well as being good to display in the classroom, they’re also a great option for you should you need imaginative materials for a presentation. Interactive whiteboards and slideshows are still a fantastic way to communicate to the class, and with our resources present on your slides, your class will be attracted and invested in your lessons.

Printouts for homework

Although our materials are brilliant for helping you to teach the class, they’re also easy for the pupils to understand the artwork and information by themselves without your assistance. This is what makes them ideal for using them as printouts for homework. Whether the homework is part of revision or an activity, our printouts can be there to help with the homework task.

Let your imagination run wild

Our resources allow you to teach your class with attractive visual support. You can inspire your students to grasp new concepts and ideas and break down any subject or topic into bitesize chunks.

Take a look through our resources today and plan your lessons for the next day, week or year!

If you regularly download our Melloo teaching resources, then show us how you use them!

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