Why You Should Introduce Yoga into Your Classroom

by Melloo Admin
Yoga in the classroom with Melloo yoga primary resources

If you’ve ever participated in a yoga class, then you’ll know that it’s extremely relaxing. It allows you to rest your body, mind and soul. Although it’s a great cure for tired teachers, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to allow children to relax.

Being a teacher has its moments of stress and fun, but why not kill two birds with one stone here? If you’re feeling a little jaded after a week of hectic planning and teaching, take your class down a notch with some yoga.

Why introduce yoga into your class?

There are many benefits for yoga in primary education. Children of today are surrounded by pressure. From learning in the classroom to making friends on the playground, to a busy home life or the effort of playing video games or competitive sport, there’s a great deal of pressure in their lives.

Countering pressure is difficult as children may feel that they have to compete constantly, but in yoga, that is not the case. It’s a way for children to cut out all pressure and focus on their wellbeing. They may not realise that’s what they’re doing, and that’s the beauty of yoga.

Yoga is for everyone

There are many children who don’t enjoy physical activities. And although some would say yoga is not a sport, it’s still a process which allows children to exercise both physically and mentally.

What yoga does differently to competitive sports is that it teaches children that not everyone's the same and everyone’s body is different. No one is better or worse at yoga and that allows you and the kids to explore their own body and learn in their own way.

Yoga encourages self-acceptance

Children are often filled with questions about themselves. Whether it’s their appearance or thoughts. Yoga though allows children an opportunity to learn about themselves, and more importantly, cherish the way they are and respect the people around them.

Yoga teaches calmness

It’s no secret that the ages we’re teaching can be quite hyperactive. Whether you’re a teacher of reception or up to year 5, children will have many excitable moments. Yoga can help them control these outbursts, whether excitable or irate.

Frustration is common with children, but learning the correct breathing techniques and tools will help them to focus the mind and react appropriately to any situation.

Yoga provides core and psychological fitness

It’s all very well encouraging children to be active by getting them to charge around the running field or playground, but the core exercise and strength yoga encourages is different. It’s core strength and fitness, as well as being very effective in shaping the mind of an individual.

Yoga support positive mental health and attitude

All the points above link to the positive mental health of a child or adult. When someone learns to accept themselves for who they are, to see good in others, and to focus & calm their minds, it gives them the tools they need for life in general.

Growing up is a time with high and mixed emotions. There’s a lot to experience as a child, and yoga is a great way to give children the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons and coping mechanisms through yoga.

Your class is full of perfect students for yoga!

For the primary children you’re teaching, they’re the perfect student in yoga. They trust others, especially teachers. By teaching yoga early, you can increase the chance of teaching them valuable tools that they can use in the rest of their life.

Not only great for your pupils, but for you too

It’s a great opportunity for you to take part in the yoga class too. Not only does it give you some down time, but yoga is a great method to provide the kids with a new way to deal with challenges in the classroom, whilst opening the opportunities to employ new, healthy teaching methods.

How could you introduce yoga into the class?

There are many ways you can do so. There are many blogs out there which can advise you, but it’s an opportunity for you to be creative. It’s not long until it’s summer, soon we can take our classes to the outdoors!

If you’re looking for a help in hand, then we have some new primary PE resources for Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 & KS2.

Check out our Yoga Primary Teaching Resources

Our collection of yoga primary resources include our Yoga Poses, Yoga Poses Picture Mat, Yoga Poses Pictures and Yoga Keywords Labels resources.

These resources are great as displays in the classroom or as the key focus of your yoga lesson.

If you have successfully completed yoga lessons with your pupils, then do share with us what you have done and how your class responded to yoga!

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