How You Can Utilise Technology To Make Lessons Fun!

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Technology in Education


There are always stories in the news about education, and one of the most popular topics surrounding education is the use of technology. Teachers across the world are embracing technology as a way to direct their lessons and to teach their students. Whether it’s Mathematics, English or Science, technology is becoming more and more popular across the board.

With the assistance of technology, you can achieve a great deal more and successfully gain the attention of your class. But the question remains, how do you use technology in a productive way to improve your lessons and benefit your pupils?

Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can introduce technology to enhance your lessons.

Technology is now and the future of education.

If you’re tired of delivering the same lessons in the same manner, then why not explore new ways of teaching? If you’re bored of your teaching methods, then make a change. Otherwise, your boredom will come across to your pupils. That's why it’s a great idea to conduct your lessons using different mediums, including the latest technology.

From the early years of technology in education where students were sat in front of a crackling TV screen on wheels and told to watch a video, technology has come a long way.

One of the first major advancements in education technology began with the introduction of interactive whiteboards. Now though, other devices are being introduced, and these stretch much further than desktops and interactive whiteboards. We're seeing tablets and mobile devices being utilised in the classroom.

Don't be afraid to introduce these new devices into your class - the kids will love it!

Allow your students’ input through digital interaction

Something that is extremely popular among students of all ages is quick and easy polls and surveys. There are many polling applications available online and they’re all relatively easy to make a customised poll. Along with an easy design process, it’s just as easy to invite people to complete the poll. With the use of simple polls, you can gather feedback easily from your students.

Whether it’s a survey about your lessons or a poll to determine what pupils are struggling with in a specific subject, an easy poll application can help you obtain the answers you need.

Another benefit to using a poll application is that your students could complete the survey on their smartphone (if they have one of course), which makes it a little more exciting for them.

Introduce games

Games are an engaging method to teach pupils, and good games offer students a sense of progression. The game’s progression not only gives them a sense of achievement, but it increases their competitiveness for the next time they play. A great website to use for online games is BBC Bitesize - they offer many interactive games for a range of subjects.

Depending on your experience, why not create your own game? There are many gaming websites on the web, but if you could go to the extra effort of creating your own game for your students to play, imagine the jubilation in your classroom.

Allow pupils free creative rein

The power of technology means that for any creative assignment you set for your class, technology is a great way to give them the freedom to design and create without limitation. There are many free tools and apps that your pupils can use to create a whole range of digital content. From presentations to videos, and eBooks to animations, let your students get creative!

What’s in store for the future?

The future of technology in education looks rather exciting. With many devices now being used in schools, the next step is for the array of devices to connect to a cloud network.

Remote teaching is already something that many education companies offer, and it is set to become the norm of education. With a cloud network, it will allow users on any device to connect to a specific network in the cloud remotely. This means the network will connect with mobiles, tablets, computers and more.

Education is changing and technology will continue to play a big part in its development.


Do let us know your thoughts on technology in education. Are you excited to see how it develops further?

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