A new type of Apple for the teacher: How is iPad technology aiding teaching?

by Melloo Admin
A new type of Apple for the teacher: How is technology aiding teaching?

It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that everything was pen and paper, on a whiteboard or demonstrated through an array of cut-outs. But as technology has evolved, so has teaching, with many schools now bringing iPads into the classroom. But what impact is technology really having on teaching?

Accessibility of modern technology

School laptops were never the quickest things were they? Where iPads really excel is their ease and speed of use. Their touch interface and app system making accessing learning tools an absolute breeze, all with the touch of a couple buttons. There’s no waiting time while computers load, log in and load their operating system, making the most of your lessons for maximum learning.


With enough iPads to go around, a classroom of students can quickly interact with one another and engage in their topic with ease. There are thousands of apps available online, with iBooks allowing users to annotate, highlight and look up the meaning of words. This encourages children to engage with learning materials, including books, in new and fun ways. And it also eliminates highlighting in their library books!


There are endless possibilities to use technology in the classroom, with smartboards, iPads and more becoming the go-to for teachers looking to make their lessons a little more creative. With apps for drawing, editing and creating movies, all that’s needed is a little imagination.

Are there any cons to bringing technology into the classroom?

We have to realise that not everything can be done through a screen. Activities during art lessons encourage children to get their hands dirty and explore with different materials! Something which is lost when swishing our fingers around on an iPad for example.

What does it mean for students?

Where technology really helps is its shift between teacher-centred to child-centred learning. For example, if a class were to be given a task to create something from instructions given on an iPad, children would have the independence to go at their own pace. This would also encourage problem solving, as they would have the ability to rewind a tutorial or refer back to written instructions.

This form of visual learning helps to improve young pupils’ skills according to a BBC article, showing that digital technology had a positive impact on literacy and numeracy skills, as well as enhancing communication skills.

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