Teach with Halloween: Writing & Drawing Tasks

by Melloo Admin
Mellooooo Halloween Resources

If you’re looking for teacher goody bags packed with lesson and activity ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Seasonal occasions are the perfect opportunity to ensure that you are not only teaching your class, but entertaining them. After all, that’s what Halloween is all about!

If you’re planning to use Halloween as your main inspiration for a class, then you can embrace Halloween themes easily with a little imagination. Your Halloween themes can stretch further than decorating your classroom, you can use them to direct a beneficial lesson.

Halloween Learning Resources.

In this ‘Teach with Halloween’ blog, we are going to use our ‘Halloween Pictures’ collection to provide you with task ideas that will work a treat. It will give you a fun and valuable lesson plan that your class will enjoy. It will also help them to develop their desire and skill for creativity in writing and drawing.

Halloween picture prompt tasks.

Picture aids are a wonderful solution to creating enjoyable classroom activities. With the use of our Halloween Pictures, you can pick one, two, or distribute a number of the 26 pictures in the pack to everyone in your class, and then set the task.

But what is the task? That’s up to you!

Here are two ideas that may give you inspiration.

Spooky short stories.

Once every child has an image from our Halloween Pictures pack, they must write a short story which includes or is based on the picture. As an example, if one of your pupils is given the haunted house picture, they must then write a short story involving, about or set at the haunted house.

You could even organise your class into small groups and provide each group with up to three pictures from the pack. Once they have their three images, they must then write a story together, which includes all three of the objects.

They may have to write a story about ghosts, a potion, and a pumpkin. Or they could have a haunted house, a wizard, and a full moon.

My friend task.

This task combines writing and drawing, and it can work with any of the images within the pack.

Pull out one of the images from our Halloween Pictures and show the class. Then, ask your class to draw their own version of it and imagine that it’s their friend.

If for example it’s a ghost, then they have to draw their imaginary ghost friend – their ghost can look however they want it to look.

Once they have their friend, they then have to write a short piece describing their friend. The aim is to describe the friend’s features well enough so that the rest of the class can match the description to the right drawing.

What do these activities achieve?

These activities may be different to what you normally do, but it allows your class to embrace creative writing, art and character comprehension; it’s also a great way to improve the morale of your students.

They’re fun activities which allow your class down time to be creative. And in terms of the second task, it allows your class to work independently as well as together.

Do you have your own Halloween exercises for your class? Then we’d love to hear them!

Next week we will have another ‘Teach with Halloween’ blog, so keep an eye out for that!

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