Fears Over Teacher Shortage in Britain

by Melloo Admin

There are increasing fears over the shortage of teachers across Britain. The prospect of this saddens us here at Melloo, and we want to help teachers reduce their workload!

Melloo is helping teachers to reduce their workload

It’s no secret that every single teacher works hard. It's not easy to do what you do and it requires a particular kind of person to make a great teacher.

To kick off this blog, we would like to show our appreciation and say thank you to every teacher across Britain!

Are we in teacher crisis? 

There have been many reports over the years, but more so recently, about the shortage of teachers across Britain. It’s difficult to hear this, especially when you consider that we all want the same thing. We all want children to have the best start in life with great education, but that’s only possible with talented educators.

The latest news on the topic

The education secretary, Damian Hinds, has promised to cut teachers’ workload to resolve the recruitment crisis in England, according to the BBC. He told a head teachers’ conference in Birmingham that there will be no changes to primary tests, GCSEs or A-levels to alleviate teachers’ workloads.

The Guardian reported the prospect of flexible working, which is thought to be a great solution in allowing teachers more free time and to prevent them burning out. Although a method to permit teachers time to unwind or spend more time with their families, the fear remains it would require more staff in schools.

It’s a difficult situation, and determining a solution which suits teachers, the system and pupils will be difficult.

To help reduce every teacher’s workload, we encourage you to explore new avenues in your lesson planning ritual. One way which may help you save time is by utilising our collection of primary teaching resources.

Let us help you

Teachers have an extremely rewarding job, but the toll it can take on them is a definitive cause for teachers quitting.

Some will thrive under the current challenge and others will feel overwhelmed. Either way, we want to help you provide the best level of primary education to your students.

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