How our EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Worksheets can provide lesson inspiration for the run up to the end of the year!

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Christmas Worksheets EYFS, KS1 & KS2

As we’re quickly approaching the end of 2017, planning lessons can become difficult due to a busy schedule. It’s a hectic time for teachers, not only are we expected to plan lessons but we’ve got to decorate classrooms and allow time to rehearse for the Christmas play!

How we can help

We provide a wide selection of primary teaching resources, which are suited to Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 students. Among our collection, we offer a variety of learning packs and worksheets, which are a great option when you require inspiration for lesson planning.

Use our worksheets

Our collection of worksheets are brilliant – they cover a broad range of subjects. They’re an affordable option when you require some new worksheets for your class. And because they cover a range of subjects and key stages, you can be confident in finding something suitable for your pupils.

Our worksheets range from Maths & English to seasonal worksheets.

Our latest worksheets

We’re adding new primary teaching worksheets constantly, and our latest additions include our Number and Place Value worksheets.

Number and Place Value Worksheets

The collection of worksheets are an ideal exercise for when the time comes to teach your class all about number and place value in Maths.

Depending on the year you require the worksheets for, they will provide you with a host of activities for the class to complete. They’re each challenging for the year they have been produced for, but they’re also entertaining and fun for the children.

Find out more about each individual pack by clicking on the worksheet that suits your students:

Number and Place Value | Year 2 Worksheets

Number and Place Value | Year 3 Worksheets

Number and Place Value | Year 4 Worksheets

We’ve also got Christmas Worksheets!

Christmas activities are a great way for the class to have fun whilst learning and developing their ability.

Currently in our collection of Christmas primary teaching resources we have a great deal of resources. Within our collection of primary Christmas worksheets, our festive worksheets include:

The Meaning of Christmas Worksheets

Letter to Santa Writing Templates

Christmas Read and Draw Worksheets

A Christmas Carol Character Descriptions Writing Frames

A Christmas Carol Character Profile Worksheets

Along with our Christmas Worksheets, we have many more Christmas Primary Teaching Resources in our Christmas Grotto!

Affordable worksheets available on-demand

For more inspirational and creative primary teaching worksheets, take a look at the remaining worksheets available here at Melloo!

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