New EYFS, KS1 & KS2 Growth Mindset Teaching Resources Available!

by Melloo Admin
Growth Mindset Teaching Resources

We’re always looking to add new and exciting primary teaching resources here at Melloo. Today is no different, as we reveal our new collection of Growth Mindset teaching resources for Early Years, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2.

From the early years of our education, our brains are like sponges; children soak up the information they’re being taught. A focus on growth mindset is a fantastic way to support them for the future.

Growth Mindset Primary Teaching Resources – EYFS, KS1 & KS2

Our new growth mindset primary teaching resources are great materials to use in a lesson, or as a way to inspire your students through classroom reminders/decorations. They’re very handy for creating a love for learning.

The growth mindset learning resources include Growth Mindset Bunting, Growth Mindset Famous Quotes, Growth Mindset Superheroes, Growth Mindset Kids and Growth Mindset Words of Wisdom.

Growth Mindset Primary Teaching Resources

Growth Mindset Bunting

You can bring your classroom to life with our brightly coloured growth mindset bunting. Spelling out ‘GROWTH MINDSET’, each letter is accompanied with a happy looking child demonstrating a positive mental attitude.

Growth Mindset – Famous Quotes

Inspiration comes in many forms. An extremely effective approach is displaying quotes from famous and inspirational icons who have made a difference in the world.

Growth Mindset Superheroes

There is always room for positive attitudes and inspirational ideas in the classroom. Bring the best out in your pupils through our collection of growth mindset superheroes. This resource is great as a reminder in the classroom!

Growth Mindset Kids

A positive learning environment is the best one. You can enhance the overall feel of your classroom with our new positive attitude illustrated reminders.

Growth Mindset – Words of Wisdom

You can encourage your students to grow a positive mindset through our words of wisdom growth mindset resource. You will be provided with prompt illustrations and wise information focussed on your pupils’ mental wellbeing and capabilities.

Ability and intelligence can be developed with the correct mindset. With the right focus on a child’s mindset to learn and be inquisitive, they can succeed.

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