How you can encourage good behaviour without sweets and chocolate

by Melloo Admin
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Many teachers are guilty of rewarding children with sweet treats, especially at this time of the year with Halloween upon us and Christmas on the horizon; but there are other ways that you can reward the class without sweets, chocolate or cake.

Special recognition vs sweet treats

The days of special recognition have not expired, it’s still prevalent and students still appreciate special credit when its due.

By rewarding a student with special recognition, it actually makes them appreciate the moral that doing the right thing makes them a better person, rather than doing a good thing to gain a reward for themselves.

On the rare occasion, giving out sweet treats is of course acceptable, but it’s certainly something that you don’t want to do on a regular basis.

So, how else can you reward pupils?

This is where you can let your creativity and imagination to run wild. Sweet treats are a very easy reward to give, but they’re unhealthy and they’re a little bit of a junk prize – the kids can’t show off their success with a sweet, mostly because the kids will gobble their reward in a matter of seconds!

Below we have two examples of ways to reward your students without sweets or chocolate. Once of which is a nice example we found on the internet, the other is from our own resources.

The warm fuzzy reward.

There was a lovely idea on the blog ‘A Love for Teaching’, which sees a teacher using a jar of warm fuzzies to reward her class when she sees any act of kindness in the class.

Each child has their own cup to fill, and when they fill their cup with warm fuzzies, the class gives them a round of applause before the pupil then tips their full cup of fuzzies into a bucket at the back of the class. The bucket is the entire class’ bucket of fuzzies. Once this is filled up, then the class is rewarded.

This is a great example of special recognition to each individual, but the reward itself is not available to individuals, rather the collective – the entire class!

Super Profession Certificates by Melloo.

We offer a range of Classroom Management Resources, which are ideal for decorating the classroom, as well as rewarding pupils. One of the packs in this section of our website is our Super Profession Certificates, which are essentially certificates to award ‘super’ pupils.

They’re a fun, energetic and innovative way to reward pupils. Within our pack of Super Profession Certificates, we offer 25 unique resources in landscape A4. They’re designed to act as a legitimate certificate that your pupils will be able to proudly display in the class or even at home on the fridge or in their bedroom.

It’s a lovely keepsake for each child, and you can reward them for their speciality; whether it’s for their writing, artistry or musical genius.

Are you looking for more recognition awards?

In our Classroom Management Resources, we have many other fun awards on A4 format for you to download and give to the students as you wish. They’re a brilliant way to reward your students and allow them to see that recognition is just as benefitting, if not more, than a sweet reward.

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