Festive Classroom Ideas: Create a Special Classroom Door for Christmas

by Melloo Admin
Festive Classroom Doors

As soon as it turns December, it is acceptable for us as teachers to decorate our classrooms. Well, December has arrived, so let’s go crazy!

Everyone admires those teachers that are extremely creative with their classroom Christmas decorating, and one trend that always catches on and produces amazing results is Christmas classroom door decorating.

Whether you do it over the weekend or you create it with the kids, it’s a great way to get the kids excited about Christmas and to both embrace and respect their classroom. You may have already decorated your classroom, but did you do anything to the classroom door? This could be a great further addition to surprise the kids after the weekend!

Create a Grotto learning environment

School can be a difficult time for some pupils, so why not welcome them in the best way possible? It’s an effective way to start any school day on a positive note.

Source the materials wisely

Sourcing the materials may seem like a challenge, but you can use whoever you source your school and classroom supplies from. One provider you could utilise is TTS – they have a vast range of stationary & office products you could use for your festive door. You could even head to your local stationary store to collect the materials required for your door design.

Some examples from the web

Below are some examples of the doors that teachers have designed.

Peeking Polar Bear

Polar bear peeking door

(Source: We Are Teachers)

The Gingerbread House

Gingerbread classroom door

(Source: We Are Teachers)

Buddy The Elf

Buddy the elf

(Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/311592867948316029/)

Gain inspiration

If you would like to gain inspiration for your Christmas classroom door, you only need to head over to We Are Teachers or Pinterest – they offer a great variety of pictures taken by fellow teachers across the world.

If you have created a Christmas door, send them into us!

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