Back To School: 7 Tips For Teachers To Prepare For The First Week

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The countdown begins - back-to-school time, it’s just weeks away now. For many teachers, it’s a time filled with apprehension and anticipation; mostly due to the fact that with a new year of schooling, it’s vital that you get off to the best possible start.

If you’re turning up the pressure on yourself because you’re lagging behind a little on the preparation of your first day, then don’t panic, there’s still time to get everything prepared for your first week back.

Teachers are very proactive when it comes to organising themselves for the first term, but here are some ways in which you can get your classroom and lessons ready for your new students.


Put together a ‘Back-To-School Checklist’.

Before you begin dashing back and forth to your local high-street to find supplies for your classroom, stop and think for a moment. By creating a checklist in advance, you will be able to plan exactly what you need in a calm and controlled manner. This will give you the opportunity to think about both the major and minor details of your preperations.

You could set out the checklist in any way. You could list everything in two separate columns (major and minor) or even time stamp when certain things need to be completed.


Grab your classroom supplies and materials.

Once you have made a checklist of everything you need, it’s time to head out and get everything. Hold your horses though. Before you charge to the local shops, now would be a good time to contact your school and see what materials and supplies you will be provided with. This may even reduce your checklist!

Once you know exactly what you can expect to be in your classroom, you can plan around this and start grabbing all the things you need. Pens, paper, folders, staples, white board pens & erasers, rubbers and all the other classroom essentials, you can go and get these now; only if you need to.


Create the classroom rules.

When you have acquired the major classroom supplies and materials, it’s time to create the classroom rules. Every classroom requires direction, it’s something for the students to respect whilst they are in your class and allows them to understand how you operate.

No matter what your style of teaching and student expectations are, it’s important to ensure that the rules are simple and enforceable. Always make the rules clear and behaviour related in the classroom. Although they are set rules, you can be as creative as you like with them.


Create a Back-to-School or Welcome Letter.

Depending on whether you will have a new set of students or the same group, sending a letter home before pupils return is a good idea. Your situation will determine exactly what you do and say in the letter, but you can either introduce yourself as their new teacher, or provide the children and parents with information about the upcoming term.


Establish connections between you, the pupils, and the parents.

With the assistance of technology, connecting with your pupils and their parents after schooling hours is easier than ever. You have many options available to you.

Your first option could be to create a simple class webpage. Here you could communicate homework, assignments or classroom schedules to your pupils at any time. Your second option could be to have a portal where parents can be kept up-to-date with their child’s progress and use the platform as a way to speak with you. You could even implement both of these if you think it’s fitting.


Begin lesson plans for the first week.

Depending on your approach to planning and teaching a lesson, now is the perfect time to home in on your lessons for your first week. The first day will be filled with a combination of excitement and anxiety among the kids, so prepare for this on the first day.

If you need to find certain resources to support you with your teaching, then now is a good time to get this arranged to present, print or hand out in your lessons. If you require inspiration, then it would be beneficial for you to look at our collection of bright, colourful and informative resources to plan your lessons.


Arrange your classroom.

This is the fun part - get your classroom looking amazing. It’s no secret that the environment of the classroom is crucial for the education of your pupils, so setting up the layout of the desks and chairs is one part of it, whilst decorating it is another.

Ensure that you consider everything for the layout of your classroom. It needs to be practical and appealing to your pupils, but it also needs to work for you in regards to your teaching methods. You also need to remember that your classroom is essentially your room within the school. It needs to be practical for you even after you finish teaching.


Do you have your own approach to prepare your lessons after the summer?

We know that teachers will each individually have their own approach to planning their lessons, and we’d love to hear how you plan your lessons for that dreaded first week back.


Do get in touch with us!

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