8 Different types of teachers

by Melloo Admin
8 different types of teachers

School isn’t just about books (or iPads!), it’s about learning from your teachers, absorbing their unique knowledge and teaching style.

Here are 8 types of teachers you will most definitely have come across.

1. The Performer

Attending one of their lessons is a bit like watching a play. When they stand up in front of the class all eyes are on them as they are full of enthusiasm, theatrical demonstrations and elaborate display boards. Each lesson plan is full of energy, colour and innovation, making them the ultimate performer!

2. The Strict One

Both authoritative and patient, The Strict One is a lesson plan perfectionist. They’ll have every minute accounted for, ensuring your brain soaks up as much information as possible during their lesson. They might appear a little scary at first, but you’ll soon been amazed by their knowledge and expertise.

3. The Artist

They’re incredibly visual teachers, preferring to draw out their explanation in any way possible. They’ll doodle their way to describing a topic, tell stories to break down history and cover every inch of their whiteboard to make sure everyone understands exactly what they’re teaching!

4. The Hipster

A little unconventional, The Hipster is most likely to make references to films and music wherever possible, claiming they’re ‘down with the kids’ by knowing what’s currently in the chart. They probably love Apple products, turn up to work with an odd-looking car and an even odder-looking backpack.

5. The Young One

Straight out of education themselves, they’re easy to relate to and they totally understand your pain when they set you a piece of homework - but don't be fooled, they’ll still expect it done on time and to a high standard! They bring fun and enthusiasm to the classroom, experimenting with new ways of teaching to find what works best.

6. The Clown

If they had their way they’d be pulling scarves from their sleeves and making jokes while wearing a water-squirting flower. Nevertheless, they’re a great educator, fun to be around and always manage to find a new way for students to remember their topic. Students will spend the majority of their lesson laughing at them, rather than with them, but that’s okay!

7. The Part of the Furniture

They've become a part of the school's furniture they've been there so long. Usually found wandering the corridors looking a little confused, forgetting where they left their textbooks or the location of their next lesson. Despite their slightly perplexed looking exterior, nothing gets past them and they are completely unflappable.

8. The Loveable Nan

You can imagine her weekend to be filled with cake baking as she marks your homework. She’s softly spoken with a friendly nature and with every piece of work you’ll naturally want to make her proud. She’s somebody else’s Nan but everyone wishes she was theirs!


Can you think of any other types of teachers? Get in touch and let us know!

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