The 7 Qualities of a Good School Leader

by Melloo Admin
7 Qualities/Characteristics of a Good School Leader

People become teachers for a variety of reasons, although there is usually a common goal: to inspire young people with education.

We take a look at what it means to become a good school leader and have compiled this list of 7 qualities that complete the perfect leader package…

1. Empowerment

Leaders are exactly that: leaders. They not only empower their students, but they also feel empowered as leaders once they have absorbed as much information as possible. The more skilled they are, the more confidence they have in their abilities.

2. Commitment

Eager to dig deeper, commitment is a crucial quality in every good school leader. Afflicted with lifelong learning, you’ll always want to know more about your topic and overall profession. Advancement is their mission, including the wellbeing of everyone around them.

3. Curiosity

Always looking for new techniques, new possibilities and opportunities to improve, curiosity is at the heart of a good leader. They like to question things, looking for room to better themselves, they always have the best intentions for those they lead.

4. Respect

A good leader is always respectful of those they lead. The dignity of each individual is always important to them, ensuring everyone is treated the same, regardless of differences.

5. Supportive

You enjoy taking new teachers under your wing, offering advice and informal support where possible. You’re all about the future of the profession, investing in your role and encouraging others to succeed.

6. Vision

As a leader you’ll have a sight for the future, always working with a clear sense of moral purpose. Having the ability to shape what lies ahead is important to you, in order to know the direction you are heading in.

7. Passion

Successful school leaders are passionate about teaching and learning, showing great commitment to their organisation. A passionate leader is committed to children, taking an active interest in their work as well as their staff’s.


Can you think of more great qualities of good school leaders? Let us know! 

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