11 Call and Response Exercises to Grab the Attention of Your Class!

by Melloo Admin
Sccoby Dooby Doo Call and Response

It’s a Friday afternoon, the kids are excited from their final playtime of the week. They’re noisy and their concentration levels are low. It’s been a tiring week, and now there’s an hour to go. How do you calm the class and ensure they focus for the remaining hour?

Controlling noise can be extremely difficult, especially when you have 20-30 excitable children to contain. Teachers do have it tough, so let’s take a look at an extremely effective way to grab the attention of the class without you having to raise your voice… too much!

Call and response exercises.

Call and response always works. Why? Because it’s a fun way of getting the attention of the class. As fun as it is for the children, it’s fun for you too. You can make any kind of call and response, whether it’s song lyrics, a slogan or an inside joke with the class.

The key to a teacher calling out something and children responding to it is that it needs to be catchy and memorable. So much so that when you call out at any time in class, every child knows to stop what they’re doing and respond with the right line.

11 effective call and responses you could use.

Common phrases and songs are the most effective. Here are our favourite 11 call and response exercises that you could embrace or alter.

  1. Teacher calls: Scooby Dooby Doo…
  2. Students respond: where are you?


  1. Teacher calls: To infinity…
  2. Student responds: and beyond!


  1. Teacher: Macaroni and cheese…
  2. Students: everybody freeze!


  1. Teacher: Freeze!
  2. Students: Everybody clap your hands (7 claps)!


  1. Teacher: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  2. Students: Spongebob Squarepants!


  1. Teacher: Heyyyy...
  2. Students: Macarena!


  1. Teacher: Ready to listen?
  2. Students: Ready to learn!


  1. Teacher: Quiet on the set.
  2. Students: Action!


  1. Teacher: Jazz hands.
  2. Students: stop what they’re doing, look to the teacher and show jazz hands.


  1. Teacher: Ready to rock?
  2. Students: Ready to roll!


  1. Teacher: Shark bait…
  2. Students: Oooh ha ha! (Finding Nemo fans will know this one!)


There’s a lot you can do with these classroom attention getters. Eleven is just a minute amount of call and response examples, there’s so much more!


If you have any call and response arrangements with your class that works every time in grabbing their attention, share it with us on any of our social media pages!

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