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  • Key Stage: 2

Art Primary Classroom Teaching Resources for EYFS, KS1 &  KS2

Our art primary resources include learning materials for colouring, famous artists, drawing activities and more. Art in primary school is the time for pupils to experiment with their creative side and find out what their talent is. They will try a number of different art techniques during this time, and it's up to you as their teacher to show them the freedom of art.

Art Primary Resources - From Years 1 to 6!

Whether you're planning one off art lessons in EYFS, KS1 or KS2, or you're looking to plan for a term of primary art, we can help you.

Through our collection of art primary teaching & learning resources, you can try out various artistic elements and techniques with your class. Each student is different, and so is their preference of art. Whether they enjoy drawing with a graphic pen or painting beautiful landscapes with a brush (or their fingers!), we have a resource to suit.

What we love most about primary art is that it's something every child can take part in, and for teachers, it offers a unique amount of freedom that you don't always have with other subjects.

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Teaching art in primary schools can be difficult, but that's where we want to come in and take some of the burden. With the latest Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 art curriculum, our resources are a great assistance in lesson planning, and they can be downloaded at any time of the day (or night) in preperation for your next lesson.

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