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We have a wide range of downloadable resources available, including worksheets, learning aids, display materials and more. Thousands of teachers are using Melloo resources to support their teaching and their students’ learning.

Curriculum-based resources

Melloo resources cover the latest 2014 primary curriculum. All of the statutory requirements, as well as your students’ learning objectives and goals, are accounted for.

Our Mission

  • Make learning enjoyable, interactive and expressive
  • Help you engage with your students with consistent communication
  • Create adaptable resources that can be used in a range of ways
  • Help students understand and process their learning
  • Break down a topic into bitesize chunks
  • Inspire students to grasp new concepts and ideas
  • Help bring your classroom to life

An inspiring learning environment

Children learn best when they’re engaged in their learning. We make sure our resources are captivating and informative so that they help you create an inspirational learning environment.


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